Saturday, December 19, 2015

I turned 50. (in October)

Ugh.  50.  You can't really put a good spin on that one.

I am blessed, I am happy and I am alive!!!  (but the number is still ugly.)

My lovely sister (dab of sarcasm) rented a house for us (all of us..including her, Rick and Mom) in Hilton Head, SC for my big day!

Woo whoo!!  We had a great time....ain't gonna made turning 50 a little easier!

Enjoy the sights!

The next batch of pictures were taken on the second day at the beach.....Nannie (my mom) joined us at the beach....and the kids loved having Nannie there!  Keegan even wrote her a pretty sweet message in the sand!

Cherri and Rick's newest "child" made the trip with Tripp!  He seemed to enjoy himself, too!  That dog loved the water!

Ok, let's try and all jump at once.....ready, set.....GO!

Ok, try again.....

And UP!

Cute girl!

It's like she's saying....."enough with the camera mom...."

 After frolicking on the beach, we got cleaned up and went out for a nice dinner.  People I can't tell you how blessed I am!

What a fabulous way to spend your 50th birthday....enjoying God's beautiful creations...the beach, and my people!

It was amazing.....