Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Young Achiever's

My biggest girl was nominated by her teacher for the Young Achiever's program.  Keegan was pretty excited!  (as she should be)

The Young Achiever's program highlights kids in the local schools that are a role model for other kids, helping in the community, working hard in school, etc.  So we were beyond thrilled for Keegan!  In our area Holifield Photography holds a photo session for the "achiever" to be photographed.   Then there is a "selection" meeting for us to determine what photos we want shown on the "board" for display!  Keegan's board will be displayed at Fayette Mall for a couple of weeks and it will also go on display at her school in the fall!  I'm a proud momma!

A couple of weeks ago I took Keegan for her photo session and today I went for the selection photos!  Dang it!  All the photos are awesome!  They did an amazing job...of course, they had a beautiful subject to photograph!

Here's the results of her session!  (her board will have 3 photos and biography...I'll post that when it's complete!)

First set Keegan borrowed some glass frames from our precious friend's at Simpson Optical...she was going for the 'librarian' look!  Keegan wants to grow up and be the keeper of books!  Very nice!

So stinkin' pretty!  This girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! 

Keegan had the BEST time having her picture taken!  Her photographer made her feel very special!  What a fun day!

Is it me?  Or does she look 15?

Now, time for the "art" pictures!  My girl loves to do anything art related! 


Can you see the picture Keegan drew and colored?  She did it specifically for the photo session!

Oh, let's just face it....she's gorgeous!  Sigh.  My baby girl is growing up!!

I love you Keegan Shea...inside and out!