Tuesday, March 31, 2015

so thankful

We are so grateful that our Reece's Rainbow fundraising page is showing over $2,000!  Praise God!!!

We need that amount to show $16,000...quickly!!!  Adam should be traveling in the next 30 days or so! 

If you feel lead...please donate and share Hope's story!  We want God to get all the glory from this little one!  God has spared her life for something much bigger than we can ever imagine!  We can't wait to get her home!

We plan to have her to a neurologist as soon as possible after arriving home!  Hurry up adoption paperwork!  We need that baby girl home!

Again, a great big, heart-felt THANK YOU to all of you that have donated to help change the life of a child! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Oh, yeah!  That's right LOA!!!

We got news yesterday that we have "soft LOA"!  That means China has issued our "Letter Seeking Confirmation" (we adoptive folks call it Letter Of Approval)! 

The reason it's called "soft" is because it's the email version....the hard copy should be to us next week!  This is BIG news!  HUGE!

Adam could be on his way to China in as little as 3 weeks!  THREE WEEKS PEOPLE!

We are so excited and blessed to be on this journey to Hope!  So grateful there will soon be one LESS orphan!  Praise God!

We are still in need of funding to get Hope home!  If you feel lead to be a part of Hope's story...please click on the link on the side of the blog....Reece's Rainbow!  This is a way of helping us bring Hope home and it's tax deductible!!  We need that number on the side to read $16,000!!!

Thank you for all the prayers, donations, and love you have shown our girl! 

Stay's getting good!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a cheer of Hope

A very precious friend of mine started a challenge.  Her goal is to spread hope and see how far we can spread HOPE around the world!  And help us raise money to complete our adoption!

Check out this challenge listed below!  From my friend Stacy!!! 

"Because Hope is very sick, China has agreed to finalize her adoption within the next few weeks. She needs medical attention ASAP. There’s just one problem…the family still needs $16,000 to make this adoption happen!!

YES that was $16,000 in 30 days. Are you up for the challenge!?

We are trying to send a message of HOPE around the world to generate the necessary fund$ and help CHEER THIS SWEET GIRL ON HOME!!! We are HOPEFUL that with your help we can do it!!

(1) Post a video of you or your family chanting this CHEER FOR HOPE!
(or share our video if you prefer!)

(2) Copy and Paste this challenge info on your FB page and/or blog along with your video.

(3) Tag and challenge a minimum of FIVE friends to partner with you to DONATE and SPREAD THE MESSAGE of HOPE to others!

(3) Click on this link and donate a minimum of $5 to help the Farley’s meet their needs in 30 days! You can also read more about Hope and the Farleys there.

NOTE: Each person who is tagged is challenged to post a video AND donate!!
Make a quick video, choose 5 friends to challenge and donate a minimum of $5!! It will be the BEST THING you do today to pay it forward and help someone in need!



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

sweet Hope

Our sweet baby girl was mentioned again today on the No Hands But Ours website. 

They (like us) are advocating for her!  So thankful to them for spotlighting these kids and the families that are working to bring them home! 

Check out Hope and the other 3 kids mentioned in this article!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

and the winner is....

Tracey E. (won't list her last name) is the winner of the DELL Venue 8 Pro tablet!  She has been contacted! 

Thank you to all who donated and bought a t-shirt for our Hope!  You are greatly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oh yeah!

Oh, baby!

We received our log in date on Friday, March 13th!!!  Praise God for His blessings!

Now....we are on the wait for LOA - letter of acceptance. 

Since we are trying to expedite Hope's adoption this could come very soon.  Very, very soon!

Adam will travel by himself again (like with Lucy's adoption) to bring Hope home!  So, once we get our LOA....he could be traveling in just a few weeks!

Please continue to pray for a quick and smooth adoption, a fully funded adoption and a wonderful transition for Hope!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


We've been asking (and our agency has been asking) for an update on Hope.  Well, yesterday....we got an answer to prayer!

I had provided a list of 10 questions to see if we could get some news!

Here's what I received late last night! 

1. Is she walking by herself?  She is not walking by herself, she’s walking with walker now.

2. Any big illnesses since her episode in May 2014?  Since she had cerebral embolism on May 31, 2014, she’s not had big illness except colds.

3. Can she swallow food?   Yes, she is able to swallow food now.

4. What can she eat?  Zhang Wen Meng is eating noodle, soft rice, along with various vegetable and meat balls.

5. Has she received our 2 care packages?   Yes, got two care packages.

6. Are they preparing her for her new family?  Yes, since we received family pictures, we’ve been showing her the pictures every day, telling her these are her family members, her daddy, mommy, big brother(s) and big sister(s).

7. Does she drink from bottle? Cup? Use straw?  She is drinking from bottle, and we are training her use cup now.

8. What toys does she like? Play with?   She likes toys can make sound and dolls. She likes adults to play with her, interact with her.

9. Can she sit up by herself?  Yes, she can.

10. Is she still receiving therapy?  She’s been receiving therapy always. She can walk for about half an hour with walker now. She can say Baba, Mama, Ah, Dan Dan, etc.

Her updated measurements:
Height: 84cm; Weight: 10.5kg; Head: 50cm; Chest:50cm; Teeth: 20; Foot: 12.5cm.

Can you STAND it???  I can't!!!  So grateful learn a little more about our girl!  I know God is with her and has great things in store!

" For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

And check this out!!!

 My baby girl...using a walker!  You go little Hope! 

If you would like to be a part of Hope's can make a tax deductible donation towards her adoption at Reece's Rainbow.  Just click and visit here!  (we still need $16,000+ to get Hope home....)

Please continue to keep Hope in your prayers! 

Much love,

Saturday, March 7, 2015

God's miracle...our Hope

We know very little about Hope.  Very little.

Pretty much all we know...we got from these 2 articles...   and here

After reading those stories about Hope....God moved in our hearts.  He told us that we were to step forward and give this little one a home.  We have love, space, time, willing hearts. 

People ask me all the time..."are you crazy?"  "why would you do this?" 

Well, I suppose my best answer is..."why not?"  God has blessed me beyond what I deserve...why not help someone else?  Why not share my love and God's love with a little orphan girl on the other side of the world?

Hope will have a family that loves her, she will learn about Jesus, she will have medical care, she will be cherished!

Hope had her "stroke like event" last May.  This is a video of her from stroke.  My girl is fighting back!  She is working on regaining her gross motor skills, talking, etc.  My girl is determined!!! 

Check her out!!!  Click on the link below and use the password:  hope

Amazing.  She is so loved!

Help us get her home!  You can visit Hope's page at Reece's Rainbow to make a tax-deductible donation!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

flying colors *update!

*Our dossier is on it's way to China!  DTC BABY!!!  Next we wait for our LID - log in date!

I received an email today from our adoption agency.  Our dossier has made it through "critical review" with flying colors and has been sent to the "translation department"! 

Once it is translated...that booger is shipped to mail!  Then it is "logged in" into their system and then we receive our LID (log in date)! 

I won't go on and on about the next steps....we will walk through those steps together.  One at a time.  So today we celebrate making it through critical review and await news that we are DTC (dossier to China). 

Thanks guys for trekking along with us!  And please keep those prayers coming!  Woo whoo!  Praising God today for another step forward! will be home soon baby girl!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

tablet anyone??? **updated**

The winner is...Tracey E....she has been contacted!  Congrats!  Thank you to all who donated and bought t-shirts on behalf of our Hope!  Every single one of you are amazing! 

Check out the cool tablet from DELL!  It's Dell's Venue 8 Pro 3000....with 32gb!

An amazing friend donated this for Hope's adoption!  You know who you are...and we think you're pretty spectacular!!!

As most of you know....adoption is expensive.  We need approximately $30,000 to get Hope home.  We are a third of the way there.....and every single dollar counts.

You can help!  For every $5 donated for Hope...your name will go into a drawing for this awesome tablet!  So $20 gets you 4 entries....$30 gets you 6 entries....and so on.  You get it.

It's small enough to throw in your purse...or backpack (for you school peeps)...but large enough to be able to use that Windows 8.1 to write a the web...all kinds of fun stuff!

We will draw the name of the winner on Saturday, March 21st at noon!

So, please donate today...tell a friend...and you could be the winner!

Simply click on the button on the right hand side of the blog....and donate today! 

Thanks everyone!

And please continue to pray for our girl!