Sunday, April 19, 2015

a beautiful surprise

I got a phone call from Lexington Hearing and Speech last week.  They had ordered Lucy's new BAHA...and it was IN!!  (and it looks like insurance should cover it all.....yet to be seen...but that's what they are saying!)

We were most excited since this would mean that Lucy would now have a "back up" BAHA if anything ever happened to one...she had another one!  Praise God!

So we met with Ms. Jeanette....she is amazing!

With Lucy's new BAHA came a precious little moose!  Just look at him!

Please notice one very small, yet very awesome detail. 

This moose has a BAHA, too!!!  Shut your mouth!!! 

Check him OUT!

So, the next day Lucy took Mr. Moose to school with her and her teacher had a wonderful "teaching moment" with Lucy's newest friend!  I love that Lucy's class has learned so much about Lucy and her special hearing device....the kids call it her "bionic ear"!  How awesome is that!

We are certainly blessed with Lucy's teacher and teacher's assistant!  We love Ms. P and Mrs. Robbins!

Shew!  Getting a new BAHA will wear you OUT!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

step by step

People!  We are so close to getting our hands on's crazy!  God has been all over this adoption! 

There is no doubt that this entire journey was designed by God!  He knew Hope would be our daughter!  He knew she needed us as much as we need her!

One less.

There will be one less orphan in just a matter of days/weeks. 

We received our I800 Provisional Approval yesterday in the mail!  Woo whoo!  This next part is...well...confusing at best. 

Let's just say there are a few steps of emailing, calling, sending, emailing some more....all to end with what is called our "Article 5"....and after being issued our "Article 5"...we then wait for TA...Travel Approval...and then Adam LEAVES!!!  This entire process can happen in the next few days!

I truly believe Adam will leave for China around the last week of this month....could be sooner...could be later.  But I've always felt like it would be April...we'll see!

I've started the "pre travel" fluff and stuff!  Got out the suitcase.  Started putting what will go in said suitcase in the corner.  Oh my's gettin' real!

The time is ticking away!  Pretty soon that little girl all alone fighting for her life will have an entire family fighting with her!  She will never be alone again.  Praise God for His loving mercies!

I can't wait to see what God does in Hope's life!  Our girl certainly has a purpose on this earth!  And God is moving mountains to get her home!  He has blown us away by His faithfulness that if we would step out in faith to help one of HIS children...that He would be faithful to walk along beside us!!!

I love watching God move people....what a honor to be apart of this journey! 

Stay's gettin' good!  Hang on sweet girl......Daddy's coming to bring you home!

Friday, April 10, 2015

a new term

Have you seen the movie..."Mom's Night Out"?  It's too funny!  Very cute movie....and it's clean!  My whole family was able to watch and enjoy it!  Gotta love that!

There is a scene in the movie where the momma is quite overwhelmed with the destruction of her home due to her young children.  Her husband comes home from work to find her watching tv in her closet.....hiding from the world.  She can't move.  She uses the term "stress paralyzed". 

Well, yep.  I'm there. 

There is so much to be done.  So much I haven't purchased.  Paperwork yet to be completed.  Lists to make.  Funds still needed.  And I could go on and on.

Am I beyond thrilled that Hope is about to come home?  Yes mam!

Do I wish she was already here?  Yes mam!

Am I already crazy in love with this child?  Yes mam!

Am I stress paralyzed by it all?  Yes mam!

So what do I do?  I sit.  I stare at the computer.  I refresh my email.  I sit.  Overwhelmed by it all. 

Have I been here before?  You betcha.

Will I snap out of it?  You better believe it.  But right now.  Honestly?  Yep.  I sit.

Stress paralyzed. 

Just wanted to be honest. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015



Look what the FedEx man brought me today!  (no, not the child)


 One of the things I look forward to...signing this precious document that says "yes, she's mine"!!

Daddy's turn!  What an awesome man I have!  God certainly blessed me with this man!
Now waiting on immigration approval....Adam could be leaving for China in as little as 3 weeks from now!  Woo whoo!!!
So happy that Hope should be home in May!!!   Go God!

Easter 2015

We had a blessed, fun-filled, family Easter Sunday!

That boy always has his eyes closed!

Gotta take inventory!

What a cute little find in the Easter basket! 

Sweet, sweet girl.....

Cute bunch of varmits!

There's my momma!  Ain't she cute, y'all?  She is an amazing woman!  I am so blessed to have such a godly momma!

Celebrating Easter at Asian Wind!  It's a fabulous local restaurant!  Yummy!

I am so blessed!!!   God certainly has given me more than I deserve!

I hope you had a happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

only God

Let me tell you about my God!

We were contacted today by a family that is adopting as well.  God allowed their adoption to be fully funded on Easter Sunday!   PTL!   They already had a fundraiser set up for tonight in their their local Chick-fil-A....and they didn't want to cancel...they had heard about Hope and decided to carry on with the fundraiser and bless our family with the proceeds!!!

Now that folks...that's how it's done!  GO GOD!!!

By the's in Cedar Rapids, IA!!!!   Praise God!

I stand amazed.  I am humbled.  I am in awe.