Saturday, June 28, 2014

irons in the fire

Let me tell you....we got lots of irons in the fire right now!  I'll share with you....

First we went on vacation!  We took mom back to where she used to live for a visit!  Marco Island, Florida!  It was nice....ain't gonna lie.  Nice! 

We sold our house....we actually got a contract on it before we went on vacation and my mom thought we should cancel vacation.  Uh, no.  Vacation was already paid for and I knew I would need this vacation...cause it was gonna get crazy when we got back!

So, while on vacation everything with our house became finalized and official!  When we returned we had just a matter of days...(like less than 10 days) to find a place to move to and MOVE!

We got it all done...with God's help!! 

So, we are now in the rental house....and as settled in as we are going to be!

Now, let's see.......Lucy had surgery Wednesday....this past Wednesday and she is doing great.  As always.  She's Lucy!

We were able to have the surgery in it was wonderful to drive up, have surgery and drove back home!  Wow!  Recovery in our own home....well, in our rental home! 

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of days.....

Check out those cute pants!  I love these "jammies"!

Sweet girl...always such a trooper!  She is my inspiration! 

See what I mean?  Cute jammies!!!

Keegan helped me pick out a balloon for Lucy.....we knew this would be a hit!!!

Praise God...she slept most of the way home....

My baby has to wear the head wrap for one week....

The surgeon in Cincinnati (Dr. her!) removed Lucy's left ear was beyond exposed!  She removed the implant and closed up the remaining skin and's all basically stitched to her head....from what I understand.

Lucy has never complained about any of her surgeries....not the first time.  But this time...since the implant had been in for over a year, all her little blood vessels had grown through the implant so it was tougher on her to remove she has mentioned a few times that her head hurts and her ear hurts.  Ugh.  Love her heart! 

Like I mentioned, she wears the wrap for one week!  We head back to Cincinnati on Wednesday for a follow up and wrap removal! 

Love that girl of mine!  She's done wonderfully.....she's played, she's sang, she's danced.....she's normal!  This morning she got her Daddy to play "cooking mama" on the Wii with her! 

She's good!  Please keep my girl in your prayers! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


All four of our kids came home to us via different adoption agencies....not on purpose just the way it worked out.....we loved every single experience! 

The agency that facilitated Keegan's adoption was CCAI...Chinese Children Adoption many amazing people there! 

CCAI put out a request this past week.....they had just hit a very large milestone....helping to place their 11,000th child!  Praise God!!!  They asked for any adoptive family to send them a photo with their child (and any other kiddos) in it...with "11,000" in the picture!

Here are my 4 blessings!   So thankful to have them in my life!  Thank you Jesus!

Monday, June 2, 2014

answered prayer

Praising God for His blessings!

First of all, this weekend we received an offer on the house....and after a smidgen of negotiating....I am happy to's SOLD!  (pending the home inspection!)

Secondly, Lucy had an appointment at Cincinnati Children's Hospital today.  We met with a plastic surgeon who is willing and comfortable removing Lucy's left ear implant!  Praise God! 

We certainly LOVE our Dr. R out in California but we simply don't have the time and money for another trip out there! 

Did I mention that our house sold???  As long as the inspection goes well, we have to be out the 25th of this month.  Yes.  The in about 3 weeks.  Uh um.  Yes.

So bring it on June!  We can handle it....with God's help and mercies!!  We got this!

Thanks for the on-going prayers for our Lucy!