Friday, November 30, 2012

San Diego Zoo

We left the hotel today!!!  Cherri was feeling better today so we left the hotel!  Woo whoo!!!

We went to the San Diego Zoo!  What a fun day!  We truly enjoyed the guided bus tour!  We walked!  We meandered!  It was nice!

Enjoy some photos!!!  The animals were so stinkin' cute! 

Tomorrow is our last full day in San Diego then we head back to LA on Sunday!  Then we have an early Monday morning doctor's appointment and then head home!  Counting down the days until I get to see my kids and husband!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!  We truly appreciate every single one of them!!!  God is good!

Room time (yesterday)

Yesterday Cherri didn't feel good so we just hung out in the room all day.  We ventured to the restaurant down stairs and ordered a couple of baked potatoes to take back to the room....and that's about it!

Lucy (I think) enjoyed some down time herself!  She kept herself entertained! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Speaking of sick

Could y'all please say a prayer.  My sister Cherri is sick out here.....started during the night last night and not really getting any better. 

Prayers for her and good health of all of us!!!  It's horrible being sick away from home! 

Thank you!  We truly appreciate you all!


As beautiful as the view is....I'd rather be looking at the faces of my kids as they get ready for school. 

As nice as it is not to have to clean up after meals...I'd rather be cooking in my kitchen.

As nice as it is not to have to clean up cat hair, litter or puke (sorry)....I'd rather be home with my kitties.

As nice as it is to be in warmer weather....I'm missing the coolness of the holiday season! 

I miss my kids.

I miss my cats.

I miss my bed.

Oh, and did I mention that today is my hubby's birthday???  I want to be with my awesome husband on his birthday!  I love you Baby!  Miss you and wish I could help celebrate your special day! 

Ok, sorry for all the whining.  Just homesick.  I'm really more of a homebody. 

Please don't misunderstand me...I am SO thankful that we have this amazing doctor in California who is able to help my Lucy!  And yes, I would go to the ends of the earth to help any of my kids!  But today....I'm ready to be home!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The view....

Here is the view from our hotel room in San Diego.  Since we have nothing to do until the doctor's appointment on Monday morning....we cruised on down to San Diego for a few days!

Cherri did all kinds of research and found us a pretty cool hotel....great views and in a great browsing location!  

The view of the Marina out the window...and across the street in front of the hotel is the bay.  While getting our luggage out of the car 2 F-16's??? took off and flew out over the bay.......awesome sight!  (and a little noisy!)  It was AWESOME!!!  My poor husband would be SO jealous!

I'll try and get some good local pictures when we venture out!

Lucy update:  Lucy is doing good....I HAVE to keep her from sleeping on her left side.  She is pushing the cup against the new ear and causing this momma won't be sleeping in the foreseeable future!

Gonna unpack and settle in.  Thanks for tuning in! 

This morning

This child doesn't seem to be phased by surgery!  She was up and at'em this morning! 

We did have to make an unscheduled visit to her surgeon.  There was some bleeding over night that we wanted to check about before heading out of town!

Lucy sleeps on her left side.  Problem.  By sleeping on her left side she is pressing against the "cap" and putting pressure on the ear.  This has been the problem.  And as much as I try and keep her off of it....I do doze off sometimes during the night and I miss her flipping.  Well, I can't afford to miss it anymore! 

I HAVE  to keep her off her left side!!!  No questions asked!  So may the force be with me!!!

We are getting ready to check out of our hotel and move on down the road for a few I'll check in later!

Much love!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And back at the hotel!

Lucy was very hungy very quick!  So Cherri headed out to a couple of places and found Lucy some chicken noodle soup and some plain white rice.  Oh my, Lucy was a happy girl!

She was gettin' down on some rice!  She had some of the broth from the soup but mainly enjoyed the rice! 

So thankful that she is doing so well!  God is good!

So now, we wait.  We do nothing with the ear until Monday.  No washing the hair.  No nothing.  Nada.  Just pray and wait!

So today we rest.  Praise God our hotel has "on demand Disney Jr." featuring the Little Einsteins!  We will survive!!!  That is Lucy's favorite!  So Cherri and I will endure hours of the same episodes over and over, and that is a-ok with me! 

Again, thank you for all the prayers!!!  Please keep them coming!  Prayers for safety, healing, good health and my kiddos and hubby at home!  Thank you all so much - you mean the world to me!


What an angel!  This girl....I tell ya. 

Lucy's doctor said that there was an area where the "flap" had died....he replaced with new "flap" and a small skin graft from the groin area.  From the previous surgery there was sort of a pucker place at the end of the skin graft they took that small pucker, removed it, smoothed out that area and used the small piece of skin they removed for the ear.  They also did a little work on the "bowl" part of the ear!

I tell you, I love these people.  They do amazing work!  They change the lives of children every day.  What a blessing they are! 

We have a follow up appointment with the doctor on Monday.  They hope to know whether the new tissue/skin is taking.  Please say a prayer that this works and Lucy is done with ear #1!!! 

We truly are so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers for our Lucy (and her momma)!  Love you all! 

12:35 update

Romel just came out and said they have about another half hour to go!  They did not have to exchange the implant!!!  Dr. Reinisch did a small skin graft over the area....well, that's about all I know. 

I'm just so thankful that it's about over!  She is doing well.....praise God!

Small update

Romel the wonder nurse just came out and said they are working on Lucy. 

Dr. R is working on the ear, not the "spot" yet but working on the ear. 

Francesca the PA is working on smoothing out Lucy's scar from the previous skin graft site - groin area. 

Thanks everyone for the prayers for my Lucy!  We truly appreciate every. single. one.

I'll keep you posted!

It's time...update #1

At the surgery center...waiting our turn!  ReRe and Lucy showing off their "Lucy Green"!

My baby girl!  So ready to have that little ear fixed and get this over for her!

This picture was taken 'pre' happy juice.....please take notice.

Wait for it......wait for it.....


Post happy juice....the violence returned!  She was wearing that poor bear out! 

Poor bear.

As you can see, the happy juice worked just fine. 

When they took her back (approximately 7:40am) she whined a little bit for me...but was VERY easily distracted!  Bless her heart!  She was a mess!  So funny!  Praise Jesus for happy juice!

Of course, ReRe wanted to know where her happy juice was........yea, well, I didn't get any last time OR this time! 

I'll update as soon as I have information! 

Surgery Day (part 2)

Well, the surgery day finally arrived!  I've really been looking forward to today.  So ready for that little ear to be "fixed". 

So ready to find out what all they have to do to "fix" it.  I know she is in the BEST hands.  We have every confidence in her surgeon!  He rocks!  But more than that....God is in control and we are so grateful!

Lucy did great last time with the big 8 hour surgery so I am hoping that today is very minor in comparison.

I'll be posting throughout the surgery...which we are hoping won't be more than 2 - 3 hours.  So stay tuned! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa Monica Pier


Today was the pre-op doctor's appointment and after the appointment we drove over to the Santa Monica Pier!  Pretty cool place!  We loved it! 

We got some awesome news while we were out....the surgeon's office called and said they were able to move Lucy's surgery up!  It was originally scheduled for the afternoon but they were able to get it moved up to the morning!  Praise God!!! 

God sure has been all over this trip just like last time!  God provides, God heals, God is good!!!

Y'all keep Lucy in your prayers!!!  I will be posting during the day stay tuned! 

And could you please squeeze in another prayer for my girls at home!  They are missing their Momma....both of them have been pretty sad......thank you!

Love to all!