Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day (I'm a little late....)

The love bugs always make an appearance on Valentine's Day! 

They are usually waiting on the kids to come downstairs in the morning!

Everyone was quite excited!

The kids got a little candy....the big kids got "Good Works" bracelets...the kind that wrap around your arm 411 times....they all received different colored bracelets that have a difference bible verse on them!  Very cool!

Little bitty received a new game..."Spot It Jr."'s so cute and very fun! 

All the kids had Valentine parties at school....Lucy came home with a little "something" in a goodie bag.....I'll let you guess what it was.....

I hope you had a fabulous heart day!  Much love was flying around here!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another birthday in the house!

Asher turned 11 today!  Shew!  Time is flyin' by!

We will be heading out to have his favorite....noodles for dinner!

More pictures to come! 

I'll have ear pictures soon, too!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yep. She's 9. sigh

So, today Miss Romy turned 9.  Man, where does the time go?  Seriously.
Just yesterday she was a little bitty thing and today she's half grown! 
Birthday mornings always start with "breakfast of your choice"....and Romy wanted I tried to make one that looked like her.....well, sort of.


We headed out for church and then lunch at our ole' faithful place....Smashing Tomato!

Romy had asked for donut cake for her special day!  Now, THAT I can do!

Just a pretty platter and 3 dozen donuts!  Yum-o!

She seemed pretty happy with the outcome!

So, now we have two 9 year olds in the house....and in 10 days we'll have an 11 year old....shew! 

So blessed! 

Happy birthday Romy...we love you and all your wildness!  Mwah!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

Our precious friends the Reagle's invited us over for CNY...

Needless to say, we had a blast!  As always...these folks know how to have a good time!  I generally laugh myself into a headache!

Let me tell you, there was a lot of cuteness at their house that night! 

Love seeing all those little black heads!  Makes your heart happy!

We had some yummy food:  beef with broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice....and lettuce wraps!  Goodness me!

Don't you love the view around the table?

Miss Darcy always has to go and show her creative self every time I'm around her!  She let the kids make their own desserts!  Panda bears!

Dang it, that's just cute!

Thank you so much, Darcy and Mike, for allowing us to celebrate the Year of the Horse with you and yours!  We love you!

Happy Chinese New Year y'all!