Monday, June 15, 2015

CIY camp 2015

Lord, help me.

I just sent 2 of my kids to CIY church camp for 5 days. 

Neither Keegan or Asher have been away from home for more than 1 night since they've been home! 

Now, I know they will have a blast!  I'm changing blast!

I remember church camp like it was yesterday.  Oh, the memories.

But this momma isn't ready for them to be growing up so fast.  Ugh.  My heart.

Prayers for safety, good health and to learn more about their own relationship with God!  What a fun week it's gonna be!  You kids enjoy every moment....because you're gonna blink...and it's gonna be 25+ years in the future....and you'll be watching your kids go off to camp.....(of course, when we went to camp it wasn't on snazzy chartered buses...nor was it at Johnson University in Knoxville!)

mri results

We've had the results since last Tuesday....but I just haven't had the time and energy to type it all out!  Yes, lazy.

Here's the jest of it: 
- There truly were no surprises.  Nothing unexpected.
- Hope did indeed suffer a significant stroke last May in China.  It appears the damaged portion of her brain basically died and the body re-absorbed it...leaving a decent sized hole.  (back left section of the brain)
- Hope still has spinal fluid built up in the right section of her brain.  The fluid is taking up space where brain matter should be.  Unclear as to whether it's a blockage or a duct issue...too narrow...most likely a neurosurgeon will want to take a look at her.  (until this issue is dealt with...she runs the risk of another stroke...)
- Her neurologist feels certain her brain will continue to try and make new connections to compensate for her losses due to her stroke and hydrocephalus. 

Now we wait to hear from the neurosurgeon.  He is supposed to review her images tomorrow and we pray that we get an appointment to see him ASAP!

I feel certain Hope has brain surgery in her near future!  Praying for God's guidance and wisdom for the doctors! 

Overall, she is doing amazingly well.  She is adjusting and seems quite happy!

We have already seen quite the improvement in her in just 5 weeks.  When Adam received her in China, she could barely sit up for a few minutes at a time.  She can now sit up as long as she wants, she army crawls, she can go from laying to sitting and sitting to laying, she can roll over, etc!  Go Hope! 

She was suffering from malnutrition...weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds upon arriving home.  I don't know what she weighs currently...but I know it's more!  She is filling out and looks so much better!  She doesn't drink NEARLY what she should so that's a daily struggle...I've never had to MAKE a kid drink before.  Uncharted waters. 

I can tell you ....I love her.  She is precious.  She is sweet.  She has a darling personality.  She is opening up more and more.  What a doll.

We are so blessed that God chose us to be her family.  I'm so grateful that God chose ME to be His!  All prayers are greatly appreciated as we work to get Hope all the help she needs!

first grocery trip

Hope got "broke in" today....she made her first trip to the grocery! 

You haven't been to the grocery....until you've been shopping for a family of 7.  Yep.  It's no longer an's an event.  (but it was a small trip that day)

She did great!  Appeared a bit bored by the end but all in all....a job well done young lady!


Friday, June 5, 2015

at home

Hope is settling right in at home.

She seems to be relaxing and allowing herself to open up more and more each day.  She shows us  little glimpses of her personality.....sweet baby girl.

These pictures were taken on Sunday after church.  She did great!  I felt certain that I would have to take her out during the service but to my surprise she was quiet most of the time and didn't seem phased by the loud music!  She fits right in at Southland! 

This one is just for fun.  Like sister!

And this one.....well....yes.  She's on the counter pooping.  Check out those toes!  Whenever...and wherever the mood strikes! 

Hope has a sedated MRI at Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Monday at 3:45pm.  All prayers appreciated!  I'm not as concerned about the test as I am that she has to fast all day.  Ugh.  And my girl likes to eat!  She is gonna be one ticked off little girl before the day is over!