Monday, October 29, 2012

Not quite as planned....

I was planning on having some beautiful pictures to post on here!  The plan was to take my mom to Pigeon Forge, TN for her 90th birthday.  The trip was her present from me and my sister Cherri. 

So we headed out early Friday morning.  I took Keegan, Romy and Lucy out of school Friday...GIRL TRIP!!!  We got down there right at lunch time!  3 days of quality girl time!  Woo whoo!

We had big plans for the weekend.  Shopping, eating at our favorite restaurants!  You know, girl stuff!

Shortly after lunch on Friday...the day we arrived...things started to take a turn.  Let's just say that I didn't see much of Pigeon Forge....and neither did anyone else....we spend quality time in our condo.  I got sick as a dog.  Nice.  So much for girl's trip.  So much for my Mom's birthday present trip.  Poo. 

So, for obvious pictures.  But I am feeling better...from what I hear this lovely "bug" lasts 3 to 4 days.....the way I figure....I'm on day 4.  Shew! 

The good news is we are home!  The bad news is my husband is sick now.  Yuck. 

Tis the time of year!  Let the sicknesses begin!!!! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A four week old ear.....

Pretty amazing!!!!  I can't believe 4 weeks ago today Lucy was in surgery getting her very first ear!! 

I am blown away that it is healing so nicely!!!  God is good!!!  And Dr. Reinisch is talented!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A little math for today.....

 2 amazing doctors plus

 1 missing ear.....

equals = a child forever changed. 

All made possible by 1 amazing God!

Surgery #2 update

So let's get back to the ear for a moment....well, maybe two moments.

Let's first make sure we are all on the same page.  We have decided to do the right ear (inside and out) as two separate surgeries.  Not one big one.  For many reasons...and we have our surgeon's blessing on that so that helps, too!

So then the decision is....which surgeon to do the Atresia surgery.  The ear community really only recognizes two surgeons in the US that do Atresia surgery....Dr. Roberson and Dr. Kesser.

We've already spoken to Dr. Roberson in Palo Alto, CA....and have talked with Dr. Kesser's office staff....but not spoken with Dr. Kesser as of yet.

We are in the process of getting Lucy's scans and such to Dr. Kesser for review.  Dr. Kesser normally doesn't do Atresia surgery on kids under the age of 5 or 6.  However, waiting until Lucy is 5 or 6 isn't an option for us.  With her Cholesteatoma....not an option.  We have explained this to Dr. Kesser's staff and he recommended that we send everything in and let Dr. Kesser see if he would operate on Lucy at the age of 4 1/2 years old.  We are waiting to get that information!  Hoping to know more by the end of the week!  Prayers please!

We've heard great things about each surgeon!  So we consider ourselves blessed to know of 2 very qualified doctors for Lucy! 

The BIG difference between the two you ask???  Well, I'll tell you.....Dr. Roberson is NOT in our insurance network and Dr. Kesser a difference of about $20,000.  Yes.  You read that correctly!

We know that God is already all over this and knows the outcome!  So thankful that He is in charge of this and not me!  Shew!!

So as we wait...please pray that God opens the door that He would have us go through!  If it's Dr. Kesser - great!  If it's Dr. Roberson - great!

We might be doing so major fundraising soon....or we might be able to take a few months off in that department!   Either way, we are blessed!

So pleased with Lucy's progress from her first surgery!  Many people have asked if Lucy realizes that she has an ear now.  Yes~she does!  She makes references to it on occasion! 

This morning she said "Lucy, boo boo ear"....yes mam, Lucy has a big ole boo boo on her ear!  God love that girl of mine! 

So there you have it. All the latest and greatest! Here's a recent picture of the ear! Enjoy!

Mom's surprise party entrance!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


So sorry it's been sort of quiet on the blog front! 

First there was the surgery trip to LA. 

Then the follow up trip to LA.

And what I couldn't post on here...because my momma reads the blog!!  Cherri (my sister) and I have been planning a big fat surprise birthday party for our momma!

So today was the day!  It was awesome!!!  She was totally surprised!  Oh, it rocked!  I have a couple of lifelong pal DeAnne took pictures for us!  So when I get those...I'll post them!

Dang, what a fun day! Check out the cake that my friend Holly made for momma!

Love that cake!  And yes, my momma is Forever Young!

Don't you just love the party favors?  The little topiary with the pictures of my momma!

Keegan made this banner for momma!  Keegan loves her Nannie!

Wish you could see all these pictures up close!  A story of Lucille!!!

All the tables had a pretty vase of flowers with some kisses!!!

Mom's memory book!  People sent in letters to Mom...special memories, special pictures...and I compiled in a scrapbook.  It turned out pretty good!

So blessed by all the family and friends that came and made Mom's day so special!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 week mark...

We are so pleased with the progress that Lucy has made!  Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since she received her ear!

The coloring will continue to blend and the incisions will continue to heal and the stitches will fall out!  (with some help!)

Please continue to keep our little one in your prayers!   We truly appreciate it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So sorry it's taken a while to post.  I'll be honest.  I've been tired! 

So grateful that the first surgery is over, follow up is over, flights are over.  Shew.  Done.

Surgery one is officially behind us and we are so thankful! 

Lucy continues to do amazingly well.  She even got to return to preschool today!  She was a happy girl!

Now looking forward to Thursday....the cup comes off and stays off!  Yeah!  I know that she has got to be sick and tired of things strapped to her head!  Love that baby girl! 

I'll be posting some good ear pictures at the end of the week!  (check back Thursday evening!)

Again, thanks to everyone for all the prayers and thoughts!  We have felt every single one!

Love you guys!  Stay tuned for ear pictures!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Last day in California!

My Lucy by America's Lucy!!  Lucille Ball star!

Sorry it's hard to make out.......Lucille Ball.

Lucy was one happy girl!

This is for my Keegan!  A gigantic macaroni noodle!  Love you Wheatcheese!

We had lunch in the Disney Soda Shop!  The best hotdog I've had in a while!  Yum-o!!

And to top off the day...P F Changs for dinner with some very special friends!  (now family!)  Today is our last day in California!  (and also, my birthday!)  So what a fabulous way to end our trip!  I received the best gift....Lucy's brand new healthy ear!  God is good!

Thank you, Laura, for the Dot's cupcakes!  We had a little birthday cake in bed back at the hotel!  Gotta love that! 

Much love from California!  I am ready to head home and see my other kiddos!  Thank you to all who have been following along on this's not over by a long shot....but I feel that Chapter One is complete! 

Please keep the prayers coming as we head home tomorrow and continue prayers for healing for that precious ear! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The ear...........

The morning of the big reveal....hanging with Aunt DeDe!

Waiting our turn at the doctor's office!

Just minutes away from the removal of the mold!

Precious Francesca removing the stitches!  Lucy did amazingly well!!!

Ta da!!!  There was an ear under there!!!  It's beautiful! 


Just after the mold was removed!  Not washed or anything....2 weeks ago today they were making this ear!!!  Simply amazing!!!

Checking out her stitches!

Removing the scalp pad.....eeewww..

Just about ready for a good head and hair washing!

A little spa attention!

She wasn't too sure about this head dangling over into the sink! 

Shew!  It feels good to get clean!

Washing her new ear!!!

The guaze is covering the graft site on the back of her head.....a little too oooeeeyyy for the blog. 

Dr. Reinisch checking on the other graft site....hip area.  All looks great!  Dr. R seemed very pleased with Lucy's progress!  And so are we!

Sigh.  All done!  (well, sort of)

Gotta get a picture of the new ear! 

Amazing!  Two weeks post surgery and the ear already looks great!  It will continue to heal...swelling will go down, coloring will merge....

Ms. Francesca showing Mommy how to make a mold.  Lucy will wear the mold at night for 4 months.  This will help protect the ear while she sleeps! 

Playing with Dr. Reinisch!  I love that man!

Lucy is my hero!  That child did great!  Lucy will wear this cup on her ear for a week and then after that only the mold at night for 4 months! 

Thank you for all the prayers!  Please keep them coming!  We are so blessed by so many!