Friday, May 31, 2013

cuteness and molds

Lucy was looking adorable today in her little potta dot jumper!  Gotta love a jumper!

Doing a little dancing......

Taking a bow.......

Thought I'd show you what Lucy's ear molds look like. 

The blue mold is some type of silicone's formed but relatively soft. 

You can see that each mold is stitched on....yes, stitched to her face. 

The first time I saw this....ugh.  Well, it grossed me out a little.  I'm used to it now! 

Bless her heart....she never complains.  Never.

God bless that child!

The next picture.....well, it's the mesh type bandage that covers the skin graft site on the back of her head.  This is where they got the skin to cover the front part of her ear....they harvest that skin since it's thin and more pink than the skin on the rest of the body....(this bandage is stitched on, too...)

The blue dots/strings are the stitches.

My youngen is amazing.  She is truly an inspiration!  She is such a special little girl!  So grateful that God chose me to be her Momma!!!

Lucy's been "workin" the Nannie!  My mom does whatever Lucy wants!  Lucy has Nannie wrapped around her little finger!  Of course, Nannie doesn't seem to mind!

After all, Lucy's named after my momma!!!  Work it Lucy!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back in the swing...

Sorry for the absence....Tuesday afternoon/evening I started getting a headache....would NOT go away.  Wednesday I felt worse.  By Wednesday evening I was in the bed.  Felt horrible.  Figured out I had a sinus infection. 

My wonderful husband went out this morning and picked me up a new sinus rinse kit and my doctor called in an antibiotic!  Thank Jesus for medications!

I got up this morning feeling a little better and decided I had to get out of the condo! 

We went a-touring!  Enjoy some pictures!

What a cute photographer! 

It was nice to get out of the condo....and enjoy some fresh, dry air! 

More pictures to come!

Monday, May 27, 2013

little lunch lady

Check out how cute that baby is with her shower cap on??? 

Dang it!  Precious!!!

"The Little Lunch Lady"

Romy is a very proud sister!  All the kids do very well at watching out for Lucy.  Ah, makes a momma's heart smile....

Waiting on everyone to get ready.....come on people....shower already!

Rick playing with Lucy....what a good sport Uncle Rick!

He had Lucy rolling laughing! 

The girls (including Nannie) enjoying a little ice cream.....yummy!

Pretty girl......Keegan is growing up so fast.  Sigh.

Thanks again for the continued prayers!  The family is enjoying some down's nice to relax! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

a little dinner

Lucy was busy serving everyone from her tiny little dinner set......she only has 2 place settings so it took a while for everyone to get a turn to eat!

Nannie's here!!! 

I bought Lucy and her baby matching pj's at Kohl's before we left home.....her baby Kim was dressed in these pj's when Lucy went into surgery and we put Lucy in her matching pj's when she came out of surgery.  Y'all didn't get to see pictures of that....Lucy had "soiled" hers now you get to see the "all clean" version!  Love having a washer and dryer!!!

Nannie and her girls!!!  Lucy only lasted in Nannie's bed a few minutes and Nannie loved each and every minute!!!  Nannie was busy telling the girls a bedtime story..........

So great to have family with us!!! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

My American Girls

All 3 of my girls have an American Girl doll.  So naturally they all had to bring them on the trip! 

After Miss Lucy's BIG surgery yesterday I felt she needed a little trip to the local American Girl Doll Store.  It's less than 2 miles from our hotel!  So you see....we HAD to go!

The girls got a new outfit for their babies....they were beside themselves.  Romy was so excited she kept saying "I'm going to explode"......"I'm going to explode" was quite hilarious! 

I got myself some happy girls! 

I love my youngen's so much! 

What a blessing each one thankful God let me be their Mommy!

Follow up #1

We went to Dr. Reinisch's office for Lucy's first post-op follow up appointment!  She was NOT happy. 

She loves Dr. R so the fit she threw totally took me by surprise....and him too!  I don't think it was really about him as much as it was the fact that she was asleep in the waiting room and we woke her up to mess with her bandages! 

There aren't any areas of concern at this point!  They were just looking for any abnormal swelling, hematomas, etc.  So overall, all is well!

Lucy's unveiling won't be until June 6th.  I can't wait to see Lucy with 2 ears!  You guys will have a front row seat to pictures! 

We are meeting up with family tomorrow for some relaxation least that's the plan!  It's really been quite a stressful year so we are going to try and take advantage of some really needed down time!  Shew!

I will be updating on Lucy's progress every day or two so check back!  Thanks again for all the prayers!  Love you all!!!  (and so does Lucy)

I can't wait til my next post........hehehehe....

a few pics

Here are a few moments from our stay so far in LA.....

Outside the Disney Café...

Bath time....

Left ear....before repair...

The big kids at the La Brea Tar Pits....visiting while Lucy was in surgery....