Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the right ear

So the mold came off yesterday!  I think it looks really good...and so does Dr. Reinisch!!!

We will continue to keep an eye on it....but overall I think its good!!!  (If you don't want to see stitches, turn away!!!)

Thanking God for watching over my Lucy!  So thankful that it's doing well!

Here you go!

Monday, August 26, 2013

ah, routine

We are and sound!  Thanks to the good Lord above!  He has watched over us!

Lucy is doing great!  She is such a trooper!  (the trooper is napping currently)

Tomorrow the ear mold comes off and I get to wash that ear and her precious little head! 

I'll have pictures tomorrow!  So stay tuned! 

I'm gonna try and get some family shots this weekend!  Thank you again for all the prayers for my youngen!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

good as new

Today Lucy is all back to normal!  Yesterday's surgery was the least invasion surgery she has had so far.  She has bounced back just fine!

She is enjoying some chewy snacks and watching "The Cat in the Hat"...


Cuteness on a stick!  Love this girl!

We will be heading out shortly for a walk around the local area.....and letting Lucy ride the trolley at The Grove!  She LOVES the trolley!  I figured we will spend some quality time riding the trolley today! 

Thanks for keeping up with my Lucy!  She's one of a kind!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

out with the old

in with the new!  Dr. Reinisch replaced Lucy's right ear implant!  He said there was infection all around that thing!  Praise God it's been replaced!

We are back at the hotel and Lucy is resting nicely!  Gonna try and offer her some Sprite and some crackers shortly! 

We truly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for our girl!  She is one amazing little girl!  I hope I grow up to be half as brave as she is!

God is in control and this is His journey to ears!  We are just along for the ride!

Praising God for His goodness and for watching over my baby girl!

Monday, August 19, 2013


If you have one of these...

Please wear it to show your love and support for this little one!

Thanks everyone!

I'll let you know how it goes!  We have to be at the surgical center at will start around 8am...

So as always, we appreciate all your prayers!  God has big things in store for my little one....I can feel it!

and....(this post is from Sunday)

We're back in LA.  We had probably one of the best flights I've ever been on!  So grateful for all the prayers!

We are settling into our hotel and will be heading to, very soon! 

Lucy has her pre-op apt with Dr. Reinisch tomorrow afternoon.  I am SO ready for them to look at that ear in person! 

So, please, keep those prayers coming!

NOW, let me tell you about Lucy's newest friends!  We met a couple of awesome guys today at the Phoenix airport! 

First was Randy might know him from the movie "Wild Hogs"...Randy and his twin brother plays in that movie.  They also had a role in Grey's Anatomy a couple of seasons ago....and I just recently saw them in a commercial...these guys are everywhere!  Such an awesome guy!

Well, here's Randy!  First a stock photo of him with his brother....and then one with Randy and Lucy!

And sitting near Randy was this talented young man....Jon Jones. 

Jon is the current Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC.....He was so awesome!  He was so kind to let me chat him up for info to pass along to Adam!  (I do believe Adam was a bit jealous that I got to meet both of these guys today!)  But make sure you google Jon Jones!  Very impressive young man...I've become a fan! 

I'm even gonna watch his next will probably freak me out...but I'm gonna watch!  It's coming up September 21st.....UFC 165....

Jon lives in New York with his precious family.....he has 4 little girls and 13 dogs! 

He was very interested in my Lucy!  He was so sweet in asking about Lucy and her medical needs....he even offered to spread the word about Lucy via his Twitter amazing!!

Love that boy!!!  Also, found out his 2 brothers are NFL players!  Chandler Jones for the Patriots, and Arthur Jones for the Ravens!!!  Woo whoo!  I'm already a Ravens fan....just maybe a little bit more now! 

So I would say our first day was a big success!!!  Praising God for His many blessings! 

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Isn't it beautiful?

I mean.  Really.

I wish I could use it. 

Brand new from Ashley Furniture.

Donated for us to sell for Lucy!  

Please spread the word!

Feel free to email me with any questions!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

first day of school

Today brought the end of summer break and the first day of school!  I thought the kids were going to lose their minds.  The excitement level in this house was off the charts!  I tell ya....they were hyper!

They were up on time and even a little early!  But I am so thankful that they enjoy school!  I know that Keegan would go year-around if they would let her!

So, here's a little cuteness for your day!  (notice my baby girl had to get in on the action!)

Happy first day of school to you and yours!  (Mine are happy, happy, happy!)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Blessed again....

We continue to hear of amazing things that people are doing for our Lucy!! 

A sweet friend of mine is a photographer and is offering her sessions discounted and giving most of her profit to Lucy!  Amazing!  Check her out if you need/want some new pictures of you and your family, you and your sweetie, or just you....or just your family...or just your see where I'm going...right?  Amy does beautiful work!  We are hoping to have family pictures taken by her this fall!!!

Then I got a phone call yesterday from a dear friend.....a very special lady that he works with is donating a brand spankin' new dining set for us to sell for Lucy!  Check this out!

Sorry, I don't have any real pictures of it yet!  This is taken off his phone from a catalog picture!  It's from Ashley Furniture!  This precious woman heard about Lucy and said she wanted to donate it!!  Speechless.

If you or someone you know needs (ok, maybe even wants) a new dining set...holler!  We are asking for bids on the table and chairs! 

Once I have the set in my possession....I'll take more pictures and have more details...but start spreading the word! 

What I DO know is: its a counter height square glass top table with 4 chairs!!!  And it retails for $699.00.

It could be yours!!!  Woo whoo!!

Another precious friend was given an envelope with some awesome stuff in it for us!  We received "National Prayer Breakfast" programs autographed by John Calipari!!!  We are also taking bids on these as well!!!  Again, please spread the word!  Thank you everyone!!

See what I mean?  Blessed! 

Thank you to all that have move mountains for Lucy!  Every single effort makes a difference!  Praising God for His faithfulness and His people!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


We've been working our ba-hooties off around here!  Lots of fundraising activities been taking place! 

Selling peanut brittle
Selling Lucy t-shirts
Selling Lucy bracelets
Held a Premier Jewelry Show
Collected and held a big ole yard sale!

And Praise the Lord...He is providing!!! 

I gotta say.  I'm tired.  I am blessed but I am tired!

This coming week brings the new school year!  My kiddos are SO excited.  They were beside themselves after orientation Thursday night!

My baby girl is doing well.  I'll post some pictures so you can see her ears!  The left ear is looking pretty good!

You can see tiny little blood vessels are growing in the "area"...God is indeed good!!

Her right ear is doing alright.  I really can't wait for surgery!  I am so ready to get that infection cleared up! 

I'll show you a picture of the right ear from the front....not the back.

My baby is such a trooper.  She is my inspiration.  My sunshine.  My hero.

We leave next weekend for California.  My sister is heading out with me.  Y'all keep us all in your prayers please! 

I'll try my best to do better with posts and updates!