Sunday, December 28, 2014

moved in

Shew!  We are all moved in!  It's been just over 2 weeks since we closed on our new house!  Praise the Lord that is over! 

One realization during the move.....I am old.  I mean I already knew that but just drove the point home.  I'm old.

We are pretty much settled in.  As much as we can be anyway.  I still need a few things.....a shelf here, a lamp shade know, the normal stuff.

But now it's time to buckle down and get Hope home!  I spent approximately 4-5 hours yesterday doing adoption paperwork!  (I believe I earned myself a few more gray hairs!)

Currently we are in a holding pattern for our homestudy.   We hope to have it in hand by mid January!  That's when it gets fun!  We will ask, beg, plead with immigration to expedite our paperwork, then ask, beg and plead China to expedite our paperwork!  All in hopes of getting Hope home asap!  She needs major medical attention......NOW!

We pray continually that God watches over her and keeps her until we can get her home!  (Well, we still want God to take care of her even once she's home....but you know what I mean...)

Now starts the fundraising portion of the adoption.  I would give anything NOT to fundraise.  I'll be honest, it's just not fun.  It's exhausting, it's somewhat degrading....but unfortunately it's necessary.  We have the love, space, time and energy for Hope....but just not the $30,000 needed to get her here. 

With the possibility of an expedited adoption...this means we need to fundraise quick! 

I met with the precious guy that helped us with the "Hears to Lucy" t-shirts recently and we came up with a really cool design for a "Hope" t-shirt!  Check it out!

The shirts come in these 2 cool colors: jade dome and berry!  Can't decide what color you like?  Why not get them both!  We have sizes from YM - 2XL.  We are asking for a $20 donation per shirt! 

Please spread the word....and be the "Hope for a better world".  Jesus is our hope for a better world...and we are to be His hands and feet!  So get you a shirt and make the world a better place for a little girl in China that desperately needs your help!

Please pray for our girl.  Please pray for speedy paperwork, for funding for this adoption, for God to be putting people in place to help her once she's here, for her precious little heart....sigh. 

I can't wait to get my hands on her and get her to a neurologist! 

Thanks for listening....and more importantly your prayers!  My God is able!