Thursday, May 28, 2015

oh, I'm old.

Sorry for the silence.  But can I tell you....I'm old.  I mean really.

A two year old with special needs....well, she has needs.  I am worn out.  I tell ya....I'm old.

Each day Hope is bonding with everyone more and more.  She is doing really well.

She is eating pretty much anything....but I will tell you....she's not a big fan of anything that's really cold.

She is "going" fine...which is awesome!

Hope had her first medical appointment on Tuesday with our local pediatrician.  We love Dr. Hambrick!  He's amazing!

He did the preliminary "once over" exam and has referred out many tests and evaluations.

She is sleeping through the night....YEAH!! 

And really...she's just cute.  I mean look!

And it appears her siblings think she's pretty awesome, too!

We are all so grateful that she is home! 

Please continue to keep our girl in your prayers! 

Hope's first appointment with Cincinnati Children's Hospital (neurology dept) is Monday!  Yes, THIS Monday!

Sunday, May 24, 2015


What can I say?  She's a living doll!  She is so stinkin' tiny.  I mean. Tiny.

Our sweet little girl has a long road ahead of her...but I am so grateful that she is home.  She is loved.  She is cherished.

One less.  One less orphan.  One little girl that has a mommy and a daddy.  Praise God!


Sweet baby.  I promise this is the last plane ride for a while....precious face.

Some very anxious Farley's!!!

Hope meeting Nannie!

Hope meeting Grandma!

Hope meeting MOMMY!

The Farley Five! 

Lucy's got the luggage!  Thanks girl!

Oh yes she is!!!  So grateful!  (artwork by Keegan)

Friday, May 22, 2015


My sweet husband and my newest baby were supposed to arrive in Lexington this evening...late. 

But flights were delayed...and then delayed...and well, they are/were delayed!

My man is beyond exhausted and I know he just wants to get HOME!  As much as we want him home...I have a feeling he's a little more desperate than we are! 

As it stands...I believe he won't make it home today.  He will be having to stay overnight in Detroit and fly the rest of the way home tomorrow!

Prayers are greatly appreciated for him and poor little Hope.  I bet that girl is about to lose her mind!  (along with daddy)

So...the family reunion will have to wait one more day.

Thanks again for following along. 

And more importantly...thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

dressing for the consulate

Sorry...I don't have many pictures right now! 

Adam sent me this precious photos earlier! 

My girl is all spunky in her summer outfit!  She is dressed and ready for her US Consulate interview!

Adam said the interviewer at the Consulate had the translated medical report from the medical exam earlier in the week.

She mentioned that Hope was listed as having:  cerebral palsy, mental retardation and severe malnutrition....and said that Hope would flourish in our home!  That she just needed care.  Well, we are ALL over that!

I don't believe she has cerebral palsy...and I don't think our girl is mentally handicap.  But whatever she has...we will try and manage it the best we can!

Our little one will be loved.  That I can guarantee.

Thank you again for the prayers!  Please keep them coming!

Monday, May 18, 2015

gettin' it done

Today (Monday in China) was Hope's medical exam.  Overall, let's just say I'm just so grateful that part is over.  Since Hope is over 2...she had to have a blood draw.  They couldn't find a vein that would work...but searched her sweet tiny body for about 30 minutes and finally decided they would have to use the large vein/artery in her right leg.  Ugh.  My heart broke when Adam gave me the details.  He was not allowed to be with her during this part of the exam. 

He said all the other adoptive folks kept saying he had the patience of Job.  And he did mention that "if my wife was here...she'd already be on the other side of that door".....yep...probably right. 

Again, just so thankful it's over for her.  Now they await the results to make sure she's cleared to enter the US!

After a long nap back at the hotel, they attended a "dinner cruise" on the Pearl River!  Adam always enjoys this part of the trip!  (I've never been...I'm the queen of motion thank you)

Here are a few pictures from their day....

Waiting their turn.....well, her turn.

This facility is different than the one we had for the other 3 girls....I love the floor!

Whatever they were doing to her....she didn't like it.  This is NOT the bloodwork portion of the visit!  Probably the "overall" check!

My baby girl is 33 months old...and weighs a whopping 21 pounds!  It IS eeny!

Precious that the exam is over...let's enjoy the rest of the day...shall we?

Hey!  You're upside down!

River boat for the dinner cruise!

This is the White Swan Hotel!  We stayed at this hotel with Keegan and Romy's adoptions!  It was wonderful!  Adam's guide Jason said it's been closed for 4 years for renovations!  Dang!

On board....

A little blurry...but still cute!

Thank you all again for the continued prayers! 

They are gettin' it done....each day a step closer to being home!

This momma needs those folks home with ME!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

train to Guangzhou

Navigating the train station! 

All aboard!!!    

Man, this thing is FAST!!!  Adam said the train went approx. 190 mph!  

 The China Hotel....oh yes, looks nice!  Now for some good rest!

Hey!  There's something on that bed!  Sure looks cute!


Yummy!  I don't know the name of the fruit that's white with the little black seed....but I remember it's fabulous!

And yet.....another bath.  Sigh.

Adam said Hope is "eeny".....she looks eeny! 

Look at that face....sweet.

The year of the sheep!  There was a little stuffed ram in the room for Hope!  

I am so thankful that Adam and Hope are on the last leg of their journey! 

Guangzhou is a very nice's more westernized than Changsha.  If Adam wanted, he could get around on his own.  But his fabulous rep has the entire week planned with fun activities!

So...thank you once again for the prayers for Hope and Adam! 

Our sweet girl has a long road ahead but I'm so grateful that she's with her Daddy and soon will be headed home!