Sunday, September 21, 2014

all new....

My boy started a brand new life!  We are praising God and celebrating!  Asher has asked Jesus into his heart and got baptized today!

We believe God's been working on Asher for a while....and we are so grateful that he finally decided to make a decision for Him! 

Please enjoy the pictures!  Adam got to actually baptize Asher and Asher's life group leader at church was in the water with him, too!!

So awesome!!

A new life in Christ!!!

So proud!!!

Adding his name to the "wall" at church! 

Asher's name isn't just on the wall at Southland Christian boy's name is in the Lamb's Book of Life!!!

Aunt DeDe and Asher!

Dad, Asher and Ms. Jenn!

The gang!

Aunt ReRe!  (uncle Rick is out of town working!)

Asher is just about as tall as Nannie!

So happy, so proud, so blessed!!!