Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Indiegogo again!

When we started Lucy's ear surgery fundraising last summer/fall we opened an campaign.  Didn't really know how it would go.  Or if it would "go" at all.

As it turns was amazingly successful.  So many people blessed us and our Lucy with their generosity!

So now that we are in full swing fundraising for the right ear, we decided to open another campaign.  We've already been blessed by a precious friend!!  You know who you are!!! 

So if all this brittle, card makin' stuff isn't for you but you would like to help....just click on the link below and it will take you directly to Lucy's campaign site.  All funds raised will go directly towards Lucy's medical expenses! 

Please spread the word!  A large portion of the monies raised last time were from strangers.  People that read Lucy's story and wanted to make a difference in her life.  Awe inspiring, I'm tellin' ya.  Good stuff.

If y'all don't mind, please keep Lucy, her surgery and the financial need in your prayers!  Thank you so much!!  God is faithful and He will provide! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Keegan's Kards

Keegan overheard me talking on the phone the other day about doing a "craft show" type fundraiser.  As soon as I hung up the phone she came to me and said "tell me what to make and I'll make it".  I said "excuse me?"  She told me that she heard me on the phone and she wanted to make something to sell to raise money for Lucy. 
Precious.  Sigh.
So I told her we would look on Pinterest for some kid craft ideas and see what looked good!  So while I was Pinterest surfing.....this is what Keegan drew!
I love that she put Lucy's left ear in the heart and the missing ear drawn with the dots!  You gotta love this child's precious, giving heart.  Makes a momma proud!
So we pondered on how to go about using her design. 
Well, ta da.
Introducing Keegan's very own Lucy fundraiser!  Keegan's Kards!

She is making and selling Valentine's Day cards!  All you have to do is email me with the name, address and message you would like included in your card(s).  Keegan will make, complete and mail your card(s) for you to your special someone(s)!!!  The more the merrier! 
She is asking $2.50 per card and .50 for postage.  Handmade cards have to be hand stamped at the post office and cost a bit more to mail!
All cards will be a little different but all will be Valentine's and will contain Keegan's heart/ear design on it!!!  

She is so excited about her fundraiser!  Thank you for your support!!!  I can't begin to tell you what it means to us and to her!!!  (and of course, Lucy!) 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Prayers please

Could you all please say a prayer for my Lucy?  She was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday and is just miserable.  She can't sleep, doesn't really eat, she is simply pitiful.

We truly appreciate you keeping her in your prayers!  Thank you so much!!! 


I finally got my "art" framed and hung up today!  I absolutely LOVE it!  What a fantastic idea!

This awesome-ness comes in many colors!  My precious friend Darcy is doing this as a fundraiser for my Lucy!

Make sure you order yours today!  Just selected your color....she then emails you your jpeg, you upload to your favorite printing place, slap it in a frame and hang it!  Just use dry erase markers to customize it to your family/friends!

Get yours here:'s+to+Lucy&ga_order=most_relevant&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just for Michal!

Here is a post for my new found friend Michal!  She was a Godsend on the phone tonight!!!  Here is Lucy's life in pictures!

The first picture I saw of Lucy!

My Lucy's left ear before surgery!

The unveiling of the ear!  Exactly 2 weeks after surgery!  Simply amazing!

The precious ear....this picture was taken this weekend!

The Farley gang! 

Lucy's right little ear/flap as it currently is....this is set to change....May 23rd, Lucy gets her right ear!
Lucy's amazing surgical team!  Dr. Reinisch and Dr. Kim....they are some seriously talented and truly caring, loving people!  We are so grateful to them for what they have given our girl!!
So, Michal, do you feel caught up now??? 
Thank you for all that you do!  We truly appreciate you!

Just to recap....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fundraiser #2...all in 1 day!

Believe it or not....Valentine's Day is just around the corner! So in efforts to help y'all dear friend Beverly has offered to donate all her profits from her peanut brittle to our Lucy!!!

Her homemade brittle is to die for.  I'm serious.  I have never had anything like it.  It's simply amazing!

She offers a one pound bag of plain peanut brittle for $10 and a one pound bag of chocolate drizzled brittle for $15.  Again.  It's to die for.

Even her packaging is to die for.  Beautiful job Beverly!
Shame our computers don't have a scratch and sniff option. 

Anyone on your list of loved ones would certainly love to receive a bag of this yummy-ness!

So holler at me with your orders!  You can: get some now, pre-order for Valentine's Day, take some to sell to your co-workers, family or neighbors, or just hoard it all up for yourself! 
Contact me and get some quick!  We can ship it with a small additional fee.  So collect some orders and email me!  Trust me, you won't be sorry!

I heart you because:

Dang it!  Ain't it cute?
Check it out!  One of my dear friends is doing this fundraiser for Lucy!  You need to go see what it's all about! 
You pick your color and she will email you the jpeg, you have it printed at your favorite printing place, purchase yourself a frame and a dry erase marker....and go to town!  You just write on the glass of the frame.  You can label them with your child's name....or not.  Then when the mood strikes, your jot down a note to your somebody!  Just that simple!  And since it's a dry erase can let the mood strike as often as you like!
With Valentine's Day around the corner....this would make awesome gifts for your kids, hubby, parents, etc!  

Couldn't you just see a few of these lined up on your wall? I could!

A green one for Lucy.
A pink one of Keegan.
A blue one for Asher.
A purple one for Romy.

Might just have to make that happen! I know exactly where I'll put them, too!

So please go shopping, make a loved one feel special and help Lucy get her right ear!

Please share and spread the word!!!

Thank you Darcy for your amazing creativity and love and support for our Lucy! You make me smile!

Now, go shopping!!! 

a Saturday morning

It seems that a super-hero, a witch, a queen and a cute little fairy found their way into my home this morning!

Keegan, the good witch.
The group!
Oh, the cuteness in the house!
The beginning of the sneeze............
Shew!!  All done!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As I mentioned previously, we have a few items up for sell currently!

The beautiful Ethan Allen Computer Armoire....original price approximately $3,500...asking $500

The gorgeous ladies diamond ring....appraisal is just under $3,000....asking $750.

This beautiful Longaberger serving tray was donated to us on behalf of Lucy's surgery!  So throw me your best offer!  It's brand new! 

Please email me with any and all questions!
Thank you and please spread the word!  (you might not be in the market but someone you know is!)
Woo whoo!!!   Surgery....May 23rd!!!

May 23rd

On May 23rd.....Lucy will have an ear where her little flap is now! 
So excited for her!  I can't wait until my baby girl has TWO ears!!!
Please remember her in your prayers! 
Let the fundraising commence!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ear #2 come on down!!!

We have officially started discussions regarding Lucy's right ear.  Woo whoo!!

Her ear surgeon is ready to roll on ear #2!!!  We are hoping to have a surgery date scheduled pretty soon.  (maybe even this week....)

We will be looking at a window somewhere between mid May to excited to get it scheduled and start the fundraising! 

Some of the ideas are:  Golf scramble, Motorcycle ride/Bicycle ride, Auction, etc.

If you have any ideas for some major fundraisers, please holler!  We are open to any and all ideas! 

We will be selling some items as look for items "posted" here on the blog!

We will also be doing another basic fundraiser on  We guys really blessed us on there for Lucy's left ear! 

So as we embark on another adventure...we ask for prayers for Lucy and finances!  God will provide! 

Now get to brainstormin' and report back!!!  Love to all!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

B e a utiful (like in the movie)

My baby's ear is a little hairy. I need to pluck. But isn't it a beauty??

Simply amazing! It's awesome to see her from the side and to see that little ear sticking out!!!

Aw, sigh.

She is perfection.


The kids are doing a little nail trimmin' tv watchin' before bed!
Precious girls!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I received a call from the Virginia surgeon!  He conferred with the neuro-radiologist and they both feel that what is in Lucy's head/ear is just fluid.  They feel that she does NOT have Cholesteatoma!!

Praising Jesus!!!  That means no surgery in her inner ear.  (well, her head)

So our tentative surgery schedule:

Keegan - heart ablation over spring break (April)
Lucy - right ear reconstruction somewhere between June-August
Lucy - BAHA stem implant December

So grateful for all the progress and the amazing results so far for our youngen!

Thank you all for all your continued prayers for Lucy!

Much love!!! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Are you local?

Looking for an awesome computer armoire???

Like great quality???

We are selling our Ethan Allen New Impressions computer armoire?

We simply don't use it. Seriously. It stores our dvds.  I know...sad.


We need to raise funds and this beautiful piece of furniture must go!

It originally sold for approximately $3,500.....we are asking $500.

Please feel free to email me with any questions!!!

Please share...spread the word!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012....a year in review







2012 certainly brought us some amazing things! (and a few challenges....)

We are so blessed by all the people that helped make Lucy's left ear a reality! Thank you for all the love and support shown to our girl! Her life has been forever changed!

Romy, Keegan and Asher had a great year! They have grown up so much and we are so proud of each of them!

We can't wait to see what God has in store for us in 2013!

We pray for a right ear for Lucy in the summer or fall.

We also pray for a "fixed" heart for Keegan sometime this spring/summer!

And we will hopefully wrap up 2013 with Lucy's BAHA stem implant in December!

We continue to ask for your prayers for our family as we try to walk the path that God has planned for us!

Much love!!!