Monday, February 23, 2015

Reece's Rainbow

Our sweet baby girl Hope is now featured on Reece's Rainbow. 

This is an amazing organization that helps Downs Syndrome and Special Needs kids with funding...and with finding their forever families.

Praise God Hope has her forever family.....we just need help with the funding part. 

God calls us all to help widows and orphans: 

James 1:27 (NLT)

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

I don't believe that God calls us all to adopt.  But I don't believe He wants us to stick our head in the ground and pretend the need doesn't exist either.

We don't adopt because we want 4 kids or 6 kids.....we adopt because we feel God calling us to make a difference.  To see the needs of HIS children and do something about it. 

Praise God that He adopted ME into His family that I might live with Him someday.  And that all who believe in Him can be apart of HIS family.  Thank you Jesus!

We are so grateful that God has called us to make a difference once again.  To help those who can not help themselves.  A precious child of God that needs a family.  Our family.

Want to make a difference??  Want to be a part of a child's story?  You can visit Hope's page at Reece's Rainbow and make a tax-deductible donation towards her adoption.  That's! 

Help change the life of a child.  Hope will be an orphan NO MORE!  Our Hope has a mommy and daddy and sisters and a brother waiting for her. 

Maybe you feel called to do more than donate!  So many kids just want someone to love them.  It doesn't matter what your age is, how much money you have, if you've never had kids before.....they just need someone to step up and say "I will love you.  I will love you no matter.  I will take care of you.  You matter to someone.  You will never be alone again.  You don't have to worry about tomorrow....we will walk this life together."

Won't you make a difference today?  Check out the many precious kids on Reece's Rainbow website.  They are just waiting for someone to give them a second chance.  Is your daughter on there?  Is your son looking for you?

Take a moment...visit Reece's Rainbow.  Check out our girls page.....make a donation to change her life.  You never know....your life might be changed too!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

beauty for Hope! **updated** ***updated again***

The winner for this magnificent purse was:  Ashley Guest!  Thank you to all who donated on behalf of our precious little one awaiting her family in China! 
I couldn't take it.....I had to open it up and touch it for myself!  Goodness's fabulous!

It's amazing.  Ain't lyin'. 
The drawing for the purse give-a-way is this Saturday at noon! 
 Make sure you are entered to win!!! 

Luscious......I mean just look at it.  I mean.  Really.  Look at it.

What's not to love!  I love the color.  I love the style.  Sigh.  Gorgeous.

What's even better than the color?  the style?  that it's leather....and Coach???

The best part???  We are GIVING IT AWAY!!!

For every $5 you donate to help us bring Hope home.....your name will be entered in our give-a-way!!!   After you sure to share this post on Facebook for a one free entry!!!

Yes, that's can be YOURS!!

It's Coach's Borough Bag in Retro Colorblock Leather!

The word that comes to mind:  SNAZZY!!

We have some very large checks to write in the next couple of weeks.  And we need your help. 

So jump on board....get your name in the pot...and help us get Hope home!

Tell your friends!  This give-a-way won't last long.....we will draw a name on February 28th! 

Help us, help Hope!  Our little one needs lots of medical care...and she needs it NOW!    If you don't know Hope's here for all the details! 

So, please donate, share Hope's story....and you just might be the lucky recipient of this awesomeness! 

Simply click on the link on the right hand side to get yourself entered!  Just click the donate button!  Please be sure and check the box that says "friends and family"!!!

Thanks everyone!  Let's get this girl HOME!!!

FYI-if you are looking at this on a mobile device please scroll to the bottom of the page and click:  view in web version!

Friday, February 13, 2015

truly paper pregnant

I tell you...this thing called adoption is truly a paper pregnancy!  Just this week I took our dossier to the UPS store for overnight shipping to Washington, DC (the next step in the process) and I wanted to jump into that thin cardboard envelope and ride along with it. 

I tried to explain to the ever-so-young-new-at-the-job-still-in-training fella that I felt like that was my child in that envelope.  He tried size after size after size of envelopes....while I appreciated his efforts to save me money on, young fella....some of my documents are in the first envelope you tried.......(small heart attack) when it was all said and done...I had rechecked all the contents of the package....and that sucker was sealed and SHIPPED!!

I am happy to report that our dossier is indeed in Washington, DC...currently touring the "State Department". 

After the official paperwork is completed heads over to the Chinese Embassy.  Then that booger is shipped back to me!  I make several copies...then send to our adoption agency...they translate it into Chinese and then it goes TO CHINA!!!

I can't wait to hear those words....."Dossier to China"!!!  DTC!!!

Then we wait for China to give us a LID (log in date) and wait for LOA (letter of acceptance) for Hope's adoption file!

Shew!  Hurry up!  This baby needs to get home!  She needs help!!! 

We are so grateful to all of you that have told us you are praying for Hope daily!  It means the world to us!

Cause let you tell you.....when God puts a child on your heart....and you KNOW that you are to help this child....give her a home, family, love, care....and knowing what her medical needs want that child to have the medical care and attention she needs NOW!!!

I'll keep you posted as we progress! 

By the way....some fun will be happening here next week..........