Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sheer joy!

Santa apparently was in the area relatively early yesterday....he came while we were at Nannie's for dinner! 

The kids lost their minds when we got home! 

Apparently they were all good this year since they each got exactly what they asked for!  Nice job Santa!



We all had a great time watching the kids jump and scream!  The kids really enjoyed each present!  There was lots of lovin' and huggin' going on!


Do you notice a resemblance? 

This is my snowman that my momma got me!!!  Isn't he awesome!  I love him!!!



Sweet girl Neenie!  She does not enjoy loud noises.  And by that I mean if the kids are around you don't see her.  She does not enjoy loud noises.
So I suppose she must have been very comfortable.....because she never moved during all the screaming, yelling, jumping bonanza......bless her heart!  What a trooper!
Needless to say, the big people were exhausted by bedtime!  But what a fun night!!!
Merry Christmas to you all!  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Home and a few answers

First of all let me say (once again) we are HOME!!!  I'll be honest...I'm sick of traveling! 

We had a great trip!  The people were precious and Virginia is BEAUTIFUL!!!  (yes, I'd move there!)

We arrived safely and settled in.  The next morning was an early breakfast since Lucy couldn't eat anything after 8am.  So we ate and then ventured out to stay busy until test time!

We found the hospital with no problems and even arrived a little bit early!  I'd much rather be early than late!  We found out where we needed to be and then waited.  The imaging department was running a little behind but we didn't mind!  We were in VA getting Lucy's much anticipated MRI!!!

They allowed me to go back with Lucy and hold her while they administered the "gas" was precious and sad.  Ugh.  My precious girl!

I was excused after she went to sleep and waited the l o n g hour until the test was over and she was waking up!  Can I just say what amazing people they have there at UVA Medical Center!  Oh!!  I love me some Esther and Doug!!!

So shortly after she woke up - we were out of there!  We headed back to the hotel and ordered in pizza!  Lucy was back to her normal self within an hour I'd say......(Lucy had noodles...not pizza)

So this morning it was early to rise and we were gone!  Checked out of the wonderful hotel we stayed in and headed to the doctor's office!!  We were so excited to finally know what was going on in Lucy's little head! 

We met with Dr. that man!  He went over every detail of her CT scans and MRI...making sure we understood what he was showing us and answering questions along the way. 

He feels quite confident that there is no Cholesteatoma on Lucy's left side.  Done.

He feels pretty confident that there is no Cholesteatoma on her right side.  But wants to confer with the neuroradiologist to make sure that they both "see" the same thing!  Since it's Christmas time and people are spending time with their will be a couple of weeks before we get the final word.  That's ok.  We've waited this long and all the tests are complete!  We can hang out a little bit longer!  Plus it's Christmas time at the Farley house as well....and I just want to enjoy my kids!!!

Here's what I DO know!  If Lucy does have Cholesteatoma, Dr. Kesser WILL operate!!  Praising God!!!  Dr. Kesser is IN our network and accepts our insurance!!  That is HUGE!!  God certainly blessed us with that one!!!  Woo whoo!!!  (the other doctor does not accept insurance of any kind and he is in California....would have to have $20,000 for surgery PLUS expenses!)  So, see???  Praising God!!!  And did I mention it's a beautiful 7 hour drive to VA??? 

I really hope and pray that Lucy does NOT have Cholesteatoma and does not need an additional surgery!  But if she!  Wonderful doctor, in our insurance network, semi-close to home, shew!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!

So, we wait.  But relieved on so many levels. 

So "what if" you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.

If she does have Cholesteatoma, surgery will probably be in the spring and then her right ear surgery in the fall.

If she does NOT have Cholesteatoma, probably looking at her right ear surgery in the early summer!  Woo whoo!!!

Another thing we know is that Lucy will never have natural hearing out of either of her ears.  Her internal ear/head anatomy does not allow for safe ear canal reconstruction.  The important word here is safe.  The doctor says the chances of surgery resulting in natural hearing are slim and the risks are high.  So we remain thankful that Lucy is able to hear with a BAHA!  Again, God is so good! 

Thank you all for your prayers and love for our Lucy!!! 

We are so blessed and so grateful!

I think that about covers it!  Thanks for caring about Lucy enough to read all my nonsense! 

And now I believe I will go enjoy Christmas with my kiddos!!! 

Much love from The Farley household!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are here!  I took pictures....but failed to bring the cord to transfer pictures to the computer.  Nice.

We are in a great hotel!  Praise Jesus!  You just never know when you book something on line. 

Lucy and the kids are doing great.  Lucy's MRI is scheduled for 3pm.  We are to arrive at 2pm. 

Here's the part I don't like.  No food after 8am.  My baby is going to be very hungry by 3pm.....ugh.

If y'all don't mind, say a little prayer that my baby doesn't get too hungry!  It will break my heart if she keeps asking for food and I can't give it to her.  I know.  I'm a baby. 

We plan to stay busy in the morning and early afternoon to keep her entertained! 

I'll let you know once the MRI is over!  Thanks for all the prayers for Lucy!

Y'all rock!  Love you all!!!

Since I can't give you any new about an old one???

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

VA here we come!

We will be heading out to University of VA medical center tomorrow.  Lucy has a sedation MRI scheduled for Thursday afternoon.  We are supposed to get results and consult with the surgeon Friday morning!  I hate that my girl has to be sedated again, but we should finally have some answers regarding the "Atresia" part of her ears.  (internal)

Please keep her in your prayers.  And if you wouldn't mind, throw in a prayer or two for safe travels, good health, etc for the rest of us!!!

I'll keep you posted!!!  Thank you so much! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

2 1/2 weeks post "repair" surgery

I think it looks fabulous!  Just 2 1/2 weeks post (repair) surgery!  Woo whoo! 

Thank you to everyone that continues to pray for our Lucy!

Good Lord willing, we will be heading to Virginia this week for an MRI!  I'll keep you posted!

Currently have a kid with Strep throat....praying that clears up quickly!  (and that no one else gets it!)

All prays appreciated!  Thanks!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

wait for it....

Merry Christmas
Happy New Y"ear"
(get ear.....)
Much love from
The Farley's
Cynthia, Adam, Keegan, Romy, Asher and Lucy

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1st ponytail....precious

The picture quality isn't great but the picture subject is perfect!!!

Lucy's first ponytail!  Isn't it too cute? 

She's been sporting the new "do" for a couple of days now.  This morning I tied a ribbon around her ponytail and she looked in the mirror at herself and said "Aw, cute".....yes mam, you are!!!

Lucy's MRI is officially scheduled for next Thursday afternoon and the doctor appointment to discuss the results is the following morning! 

To think that next Friday we should have all the pieces of the puzzle.....well, it just about makes me giddy! 

Again, we appreciate all the prayers we can get for our girl! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Aw, yes!!

The ear looks gorgeous!!  The little red spot looks worse in the picture than it does in person. 

The cup came off yesterday and she seemed thrilled!  I know her head has got to be relieved!

Sorry for the absence....we went to my brother's house this weekend for our big family Christmas.  Can I tell you....didn't take one single picture.  Nope.  Not.  One.

We had a blast!  I laughed so hard I cried!  Man, sometimes you just need that.  Shew!  What a great time!

I pray that each of you has an amazing Christmas season....enjoy family, friends and good food. 


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh, that face....


Sometimes it feels that we do alot of hurry up and wait. 

Currently, I am waiting to hear back from UVA hospital imaging department with a date for Lucy's sedated MRI....been trying to get a date for 3 weeks.....still waiting.

Sent them some information today that they requested so I'm hoping to hear a date very soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home! Woo whoo!!!

We are home!  Did you hear that???  We are home!!!

We arrived last night shortly after midnight!  So happy and so tired!

This morning came pretty quickly!  Lucy is still sleeping next to me...right up against me.  (remember she can't lay on her left side...) And every time she tries to turn on her left side, I have to flip her back around which she does not care for.  At.  All. 

Last night was not a good night.  She did not sleep well, therefore, I did not sleep well.  Can't wait until bedtime tonight!  Hoping it will be a better night all around! 

Thank you again for all the prayers for Lucy and the family!  We certainly covet every single one of them!

I'll have pictures of the ear on Sunday evening.  The "fix" looked really good when I saw it yesterday!  Thank the Good Lord in Heaven for giving Dr. Reinisch such amazing talents!!!

I am so happy to be back home and back in the swing of things!  Tomorrow:  hair appointment and 2 doctors appointments!  Yes, sir!  I am home!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home away from home!

We are back home....well, almost home!  We came back in LA today from San Diego! 

Wilshire Crest!  I love this place!  Let me tell you...if you are in the LA area and need a place to stay...I highly recommend Wilshire Crest!  It's amazing.  You truly feel like you are staying at someone's home.  They are welcoming, accommodating, friendly, etc.....

We will stay here every single time we are in LA.  Swear. 

Love.  Love.  Love.

(If the good Lord sees fit, we will be home in approximately 28 hours!)  Hallelujah! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Old Town, San Diego

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