Saturday, December 19, 2015

6 months in review!

Ok. I admit it.  I've slacked off a bit on the blogging!

Life with 5 kids.....well, I'm old.  I'll just leave it at that!

Here's a brief overview and I'll post a more about Hope soon....I promise!

Keegan is now 11.  Yes, 11.  Goodness me.  But she's really more like 16....beautiful and ready to take on the world!  Not yet, my love....enjoy your time being'll see...the world can wait.

Enjoying the spotlight with Uncle Rick and Aunt ReRe!   Ok, well, maybe not.

 Bunch of weirdo's....

Look how pretty!

Lucy explaining the complexities of her card she made for Keegan.

Some love from Dad!

Yeah!  Gift cards!  Woo whoo!

On Keegan's birthday, she got to go back to her elementary school to receive an award for achieving "Distinguished" in all areas of her KPREP testing the year before....only 4 kids in the entire school received this award!  I am one proud momma!

Keegan and her bestest friend!  We all love you Elizabeth!

So, just look at how grown up she is.  Ugh.  Slow down time.....this momma needs more time!

Romy has pretty much just been holding her own.  Not a lot of change with this one!

She continues to do well in school, enjoys time at home and is a fabulous helper at home!!!

She did get some new glasses!  Before.....

After!  I love the new ones....she looks so much older!

Asher is now playing in the 6th grade school band...(so is Keegan...forgot to mention) and he really seems to love it!  He plays the clarinet!

They had a winter band concert last week...very impressive considering they were handed their instruments 4 months ago!  Way to go kiddos!

My boy continues to LOVE Legos!  (so you can imagine...he is stoked about Christmas' arrival next week!) He seems to manage the female population in this house quite well!  Great job young man!

Asher did have some excitement back in August!  He got braces!!!



After!  This was back in's amazing how much his teeth have already moved!  

Lucy Lu is amazing.  Always has been....always will be.  She is a constant.  She is a ray of sunshine and makes my day bright!

She is doing pretty well in first grade.  She's had some struggles with her hearing in school.  (She is the only hearing impaired kid in her school....of about 750 students)  But she LOVES school!  LOVES school!

She turned 7 back in November and had a fun little party!  Sweetness!

You do what you gotta do when you don't have a cake to stick the candles in.....

Family and friends made her day extra special!  Happy birthday to my newest 7 year old!

Since this post now reads like a novel....I shall close and start anew!  

Thanks for visiting!  Much love from the Farley's!

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